Next Level Soul Evolution

Kalki Bhagwan, the tenth incarnation of lord Vishnu, before coming to the physical plane, his soul work in the spiritual realm has started as Guru. To reestablish DHARMA, at this juncture, souls need faster and involuntary evolution. Kalki as Guru, brings that next level technology of Involuntary Transformation of souls, for faster evolution.

Kalki Guru Peeth is established out of divine efforts and thus sustained by the same. Many Kalki Guru Peethas will come up around the world to transmit the Kalki’s divine energies that help the people to overcome the disorders within easily and have prosperity, good health, peace and happiness in life. Many such peethas are naturally germinating out of the divine vibrations of Lord Kalki to transmit his divine energies. Man has lost his soul energies to transform himself and come out of the negative energies within, which is the root cause for all misery. Kali has badly entered into all souls, weakening their souls by inserting more and more disorders of traits.

By getting the divine cosmic energies from the Kalki Guru Peethas, involuntarily, natural meditation, transformation in life, yogic way of living life, Sanatan Dharma way of life and orderly way of living life will start in people who visit and be in touch with the Kalki Guru Peethas.

Kalki Guru Peeth has a specific YOGIC PATH coupled with Sanatan Dharma Practices, by following which, INVOLUNTARY YOGA will start in the practitioners by the transmission of divine cosmic energy out of grace. Over the last few years, many across the globe have been following the path and they all experienced, prosperity, peace, happiness and energies to live up to dharma and love while following truly purushardhas.

Divine couples would naturally become like Purusha and Prakriti in the path and they while living their normal lives and going to offices, they purely for divine love and for universal love they perform their duties or dharma as per the spiritual practices at their Kalki Guru Peethas. Naturally they found their houses becoming spiritually energized which was experienced by neighbors, relatives and other visitors.

Kalki Guru Peeethas are not commercial yoga places. The yoga happens naturally in those who come in contact with Kalki Guru Peethas.

Kalki Guru Peethas, play their selfless role as part of the mission of The Guru Kalki, for the welfare of the world.

Nature is out of balance in terms of Dharma and its Triguna ingredients are out of balance which is making the whole cosmos suffer. Man has lost all his soul energies due to the time and space issue of Kaliyuga. So man out of his own efforts, cannot deal with the disorders he has though he knows that he is diseased. Just like a smoker, who knows that it is harmful to him but yet he cannot stop smoking due to lack of soul energies. The cigarette energies rule his energies. In the same way, Kali’s energies are ruling him now against which man is helpless. Divine intervention is needed to energize the souls so they can gain energies and overcome their disorders from within. After transmission of spiritual energies, man needs protection and security in terms of situations and people in the external world. In the path of Kalki Guru Peeth, the divine work happens round the clock and the followers naturally get protected and kept away from all such kali acts.

Kalki Guru Peethas, have taken up various projects related to Dharma. You can go through the website to understand such works Kalki Guru Peethas.