Kalki, The Involuntary Guru

Kalki as Guru would more transmit the energy with his tattva. I as Kalki Guru, I would not teach you by mouth much nor I would give you lectures. The humanity crossed the age of learning by mouth and reading or by teachings. They would need a big whip of cosmic divine energy that should work. That is what I exactly do. A big whip of mine works in your background.

I may not talk spirituality with you. I may talk about movies and other matters in the world. But my cosmic energy whip works on your background which will heal your traits, your karma and accordingly some situations would take place in your life. Those situations manifest in your life with my spiritual energy. Those situations will give you detachment, they teach you. You will learn detachment and the mistakes you did in your life automatically. I do not have to teach you orally!

When you go through the pain in those situations, you will remember my words that “Yes, Kalki Guru was telling me earlier, but I did not listen to him”. This is how I teach you. I will not teach you orally.

After meeting me or speaking to me, an Automatic Kriya Meditation or Involuntary Meditation will start in you. That meditation will automatically happen. You do not have to do the meditation! It happens automatically. I will bring transformation in your life automatically.

Your traits, your karmas do not let you grow in your life. You are not able to transform and change on your own as you lack of your spiritual energies. Just like a smoker who cannot change himself, you are not able to change yourself. You will need spiritual energy that brings transformation in you. After meeting or speaking to me, you will receive that energy by which you will start changing automatically. That is the power of Kalki Guru. I do not teach you meditation nor give you spiritual lectures. Can you change a smoker by asking him to stop smoking? He cannot! He knows that he has that weakness. In the same way, all humans know that they have weaknesses, they know they are being bad but still they cannot help it. That is their problem.

I may talk very roughly to you. I may even scold. But my rough talks, tough talks and scoldings, would weaken and erase your Traits. Traits are the reason behind your wrong thinking, wrong talks and wrong doings. So when the energy of your traits weaken which happens by tough talks, then you will start changing. That is the spiritual work of mine. You may be a new person to me or you may love me or you may be my disciple or whatever, when I toughly talk to you and scold you, good things will happen in your. You will transform, connect to the right track of things in your life. Your life will start falling in shape after you meet me. You may not even consider me as Guru or you may not even meet me later, but this benefit you will get automatically after meeting me.

This is how I transform the world! My anger, my verbal tough talks, my scoldings bring change in you and in the world!

Many people may think wrongly about me. For them Guru means, he has to be like Buddha or like a monk or like a saint! How was Krishna? How was Rama? This is their wrong perception about spirituality. They have wrong opinions and beliefs about spirituality. Buddha was closing his nose sitting in meditative state which was his job. He did his job at his time. Rama did his work at his time. Krishna also did his work at his time. But if you compare Rama, Krishna and Buddha what do you find? Do you think Rama or Krishna were like Buddha? Buddha taught to be peaceful, non movement of mind, mind stillness etc. Patanjali and all yoga teachers taught the same thing! But Rama and Krishna did not come down to teach Yoga!

Buddha came down to teach yoga to people! But Rama and Krishna did not come for that purpose. They came down to clean the earth and bring balance in the 3 Gunas of human race by which the balance came when they were there. Buddha also did his job but he did his job through yoga!

Buddha taught peace and harmony! But krishna asked Arjuna to kill all in the war! Rama killed all Raksha in the war! But yet they are called God and many temples are there for them. I think more than Buddha more temples and more people worship Rama and Krishna.

So is not it contradictory? If why do you have some expected opinions and beliefs on me? I am not Buddha to preach Yoga to you all.

Today, the world is totally rotten. Good people even highly spiritual people are not in harmony with the Dharma of Prakriti. Prakriti and its dharmas cannot be taught by anyone. Religions teach basic dharma (laws of prakriti) such as do not lie, do not harm others etc. But there are other subtle things that religions cannot teach. But people have been doing wrong things for several ages. When Rama was there, then the earth was imbalanced. The same happened when Krishna came. The same thing is happening now. But now the case is much worse state than those days. So obviously the approach of Kalki would be different. You cannot bring Buddha’s old personality to deal with current situation. In fact Krishna’s personality also cannot work now. Because Krishna had little warrior and love personality. Due to that love personality all love him. Now even bad people like Krishna. But Krishna will be bound by their love and likes. So Krishna also cannot change them nor teach them. They are tying him with the love they have for him. Meaning, in Kalkiyuga, people are so strategic that they are even tying the God but they are not ready to change.

So at this juncture, you need a different approach and technology to bring change in them. You cannot ask them to meditate and bring change in them. In fact they cannot meditate now. They do not have those energies that help them meditate. They cannot change by listening to some preaches nor by reading books which in fact bring more darkness in them as they always misunderstand things.

So by all these words of mine, what did you understand? Do you think negative about me ? about my anger ? About my scoldings and about my approaches?

My approach would be like a warrior. I will purposely ride my bike on the wrong side of the road. All wrong doers and bad people would anyway ride their bikes on the wrong side. You are not able to face them. I come like them but for your benefits. They come to harm you. But I come to save you and energize you. If I come in good way like you, you will see me like a fool, you do not value me, you do not listen to me. So you will misunderstand my approaches, my anger, my scoldings and so on. I purposely mingle in the wrong doers because it is one way test for you and my approach will be quick and faster change in you. I am too fast and quick and yet balanced. I am the summit of Yoga. It is like I drive car at 200 KM per hour in the crowd, yet, I do not kill anyone nor I get hurt! Neither Krishna nor Rama nor all my previous versions could not do it. But I am that swift on my swift horse. So do not think negative about me and my approaches. I am not a saint, I am a Spiritual Warrior.

My divine cosmic energy automatically loaded into you which energize your soul and mind and later, the situations I manifest in your life, will teach you detachment and discipline. You will start falling in harmony with the Dharma Naturally.

You will naturally and involuntarily fall in harmony with the DHARMA i.e. Satyah (Truth), Suchih (cleanliness), Tapah (discipline) and Kindness. Once my energy loads in you, you will start transforming automatically. Even if you run away from me, even if you hate me or go to amazon or sahara, you will be transformed. Situations that manifests in your life, will break your legs and bend you to fall in harmony with the Dharma.

That is how I will transform you and the world

My cosmic energy is a big cosmic DHARMA whip. You cannot escape my whip or my sword cut!

My mission is going to be working for thousands of years and your soul will keep getting whipped or cut till you get in harmony with the Dharma!

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