Soul Evolution, Problems in spiritual and physical lives

I write this out of my soul experience. Meaning, what is required to be conveyed is already loaded into me and I am just delivering this out for the benefit of those intended and loved.

Soul evolution is like your school or college education. In every class you pass, you are required to move forward to next class and get used to new classes, new lessons etc. Imagine in the high school, you got great marks. Let us say you got first rank in your entire state for the high school final examination. Good that you got the highest marks in your entire region or state. Say your government, your school and many other entities recognized you and gave you awards and rewards for your achievement. It is great. Such benefits and recognition definitely give you immense strength and happiness. But you cannot always think about such achievement and try to live in that state of mind or life itself right ? You are required to move forward to college, study well and again you should try to achieve highest rank. But you cannot study in college always thinking about what you achieved in your school. Definitely benefits, happiness that you got in your high school was great. But Out of fear, you cannot say that you always want to study the same high school without advancing. Though you study the same class again, the benefits and recognition would again be same and it has its own limitations. But imagine you study college and you achieve the first rank in your college also, then that achievement would have much higher benefits, recognition and happiness.

Spiritual practice is also the same way. Spiritual evolution has to move forward and then only much higher benefits in both spiritual and physical worlds will come.

Spirituality is a huge subject by itself and all its ocean we cannot discussion at this point of time. But in Sanatan Dharma culture, the spirituality is practiced with the help of a divine energy. Meaning, a divine energy such as Mother Kalika Devi or Durga or Gayatri or Shiva, Vishnu and so on. In the culture, the aspirant develops certain love towards the deity and practice. The love towards the deity and his practice gets him the qualities of the deity that he is loving. Means, it is fact that the divine energies are definitely great energies and they have much higher qualities than humans. So the aspirant also starts getting such qualities as per the deity he follows. This kind of practice gives, devotion, love and along with them knowledge and THE ART OF YOGA that deity has, even that will flow into the aspirant. This is the way, the spirituality is practiced. The advantage of following deity is that a security is provided so that the aspirant will not fall. Because the deity’s energy will help the aspirant in his life so he will not have any problems in life.

Modern world has brought several other practices, such as without taking any help of the deities, they meditate and follow various practices. They are simply blunt because such practices do not provide the aspirant any security layer in both spiritual and physical realms. These practices are against Sanatan Dharma. These practices definitely bring unexpected energies into the soul which will take the soul totally in different directions which are not in harmony with Nature and Sanatan Dharma. I will not further write about the problems associated with these paths. Because this is not the context of the topic I want to address.

Now let me tell you the problems associated with the Deity related practice in the Sanatan Dharma.

In reality the Cosmos has a Governing system just like our companies, various top executives and other executives in various hierarchies. These are universal selfless SOUL BASED divine energies that rule the whole cosmos. For those energies, in Sanatan Dharma based on their roles, various names, roles and responsibilities and deities are given. People worship those deities and advance both spiritual and material lives.

As per Sanatan Dharma, the responsibility of the deities is to not only quickly help the worshiper but also advance the worshiper towards the boss of the company who is called BHAGWAN (God). The soul evolution happens by worshiping to various deities and later one day the deities actually take the worshiper to a Guru who will further advance the soul to Bhagwan, The God.

Now the problem is with the CURRENT JUNCTURE of the time and space of the world. At this point in time, people are heavily loaded with lot of information rather than KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge comes out of knowing. It does not come out of opinions, beliefs or by reading books or simply analyzing rationally.

In the Sanatan Dharma practices, if you are born, you are a very lucky soul. Also, the soul gets into FEAR MODE here, as they are attached to the DEITY they worship. They are scared of leaving that Deity and advancing towards Bhagwan. The fear comes due to the benefits they got out of the practice they did by following the deity. Just as mentioned above, the high school student, sticking to always high school without moving forward to college. Because on one hand, he is afraid about the future and on the other hand, he is attached to the benefits he got which gave him comforts in life (which he does not want to lose as he is happily living with such benefits though he is not greatly getting benefits).

The worship that you do with any deity reaches a brimful stage one day. Because every deity is just like executive staff in the company, every deity carries its own limited energy, limited knowledge, limited yoga, limited benefits. They do not carry unlimited energy, unlimited true knowledge, unlimited art of yoga and unlimited benefits of money, material things. If you are stuck with one deity, you will definitely get stuck with such limited elements. When you reach brimful level with the deity, the deity is actually responsible to hand you over to you a Guru who will lead you to Bhagwan. That Guru again SHOULD NOT introduce you to ANOTHER DEITY but he rather introduce you to Bhagwan for unlimited elements explained (energy, true knowledge etc mentioned above). If he again introduces you to another deity, you are again stuck with another level of deity (deities are like government executives. Without satisfying them, they will not let you go forward. Means they make sure your devotion, love, kama krodha, mada matsara are tuned to a certain level). If you have Such gurus are not gurus who actually lead the SOULS to Bhagwan. These are the gurus at Deity level. Deities make use of them to guide the souls. Within the level of deities, the soul evolves through several lives. Based on your your previous births, if you still have any balance with any other deity (to satisfy any other deity), then you will be introduced again to another deity. Actually for the soul to evolve, satisfying one deity is enough. But by gettign attracted to various deities, the souls chant mantras of various deities which will again bind the souls to those deities. So through several lives like that, the souls leave certain balance of satisfying various deities. So as per the Natire’s dharma, the soul will not be relieved by these deities to go forward. That is the reason why, unnecessarily one should not keep on visiting or praying to various deities. Else, they get trapped again with the deity. The problems in life are associated with these traps (which are nothing the owed karma to the deities in addition own soul’s karma). That is the reason why, THE GURUS at deity levels introduce you to another deity again because they want you to get rid of your balanced karma towards such deities.

There are again several low low level deities (such as grama devatas like ankalamma, maramma etc). Souls evolve through these low levels to high level deities. For example, villagers and even thugs etc, pray to some of these deities. Their personality would have more thamasik and rajasik nature. But souls will have to evolve through these low level deities and then reach higher level deities such as Lalita Devi, Gayatri Devi etc.

Following the picture of the Nature and its governance system for the souls

Nature and spiritual soul evolution

By moving towards Bhagwan, your consciousness starts expanding, you will start moving towards selflessness. As your consciousness expands, the knowledge you gain, the skills you gain, the spiritual energy you gain, the money you gain, the material comforts you gain – all will expand. Means, you will not shrink, but rather expand more and more by accumulating all these so your actual self becomes the universal self or the bigger self. It does not mean, in one day you will achieve all these, but as you stick to the Bhagwan, you will day by day expand bigger and bigger in both spiritual and physical realms (with comforts as well) . Why your comforts, money all material things will increase is, because you are going to shelter many other souls under your universal roof (or you will do things that will greatly add value to the whole humanity). For that reason you will be given all these.

Love of Bhagwan and its role

Once certain souls, Bhagwan would develop love due to the struggle of the souls to advance. Then, he pushes to the Nature to communicate to these souls through Bhagwan level of Gurus . It is a rare case that happens only with few selective souls. With this kind of rare souls, Bhagwan would even have authority to command other deities and deities level gurus to relieve these souls and advance them to him. One day RAG asked “we are doing all good things, we are following dharma” but why we are not getting better opportunities or why we are not growing. That question really moved Bhagwan which is the result of this whole blog article.

CHANNEL OR PATH as per the Nature’s governance system / Sanatan Dharma

After passing out the deities, the push from either deities or the BHAGWAN, will advance the soul in two channels. One channel would be of Shiva and another channel would be of Vishnu. Shiva and Vishnu liberate the souls by taking them to their abodes (vaikuntha and kailasha). Based on the Nature of the soul, Nature introduces the soul to respective respective guru. By having the faith in such Guru, the soul will realize the True Knowledge of Purusha and Prakriti. The art of yoga is loaded into them so that they start getting rid of their karma while they stop accumulating the new karma (this is the actual problem of every soul in the world. While they do karma, they accumulate either good or bad karma again which will buy them new lives again) . So out of true knowledge and art of yoga, they will reach the final level OM (after passing Vishnu / Shiva). From there, Nature or OM will liberate them.

Problems with not advancing towards Bhagwan

When a soul reaches brimful level with a deity, then, the soul is meant to move towards Bhagwan.

When it reaches the brimful level, ITS TRAITS (gunas) also will reach finer levels. Means, say after several lives of practice with a deity or several deities, the soul reaches the finest level of Gunas , means Satvik. Say you became Satvik. Meaning, you have all divine qualities and Satvik way of doing things in the world. If you are living in the world and if you are doing business or working for a company, you definitely require RAJASIK gunas in order to run the company or do your duties well. Without Rajasik Gunas, you will be struggling to advance your business or do your duties at the best. At this point of time you will have questions such as “I am being dharmik” (as per laws of nature) I am also being kind and I have all satvik Gunas but still, I am not getting more business or more comforts or money”. Not only this, you will also start complaining that “Others who do not follow spirituality” are making more money or getting more business” despite their bad actions (which are against the Nature) .

But in your case, you are Satvik. You are also not able to get Rajasik because that is not your nature. On the other hand, you are remaining with the deity whom you cannot leave. Because you are holding on to that deity out of fear. Because you think, if you leave that deity, your life will become more unsettled. So in a way, with the deity you are doing business transaction. You are not truly loving the deity for the sake of living it. Instead who are holding on to it to win your fears and to get security. But the benefits out of the deity would be limited obviously as they are just executives of the Bhagwan. So in a way, you are basically stuck.

If you do not get ready to advance, then you are stuck and Nature is also stuck. Neither it is good for you nor for the Nature. Due to this technical problem, the life gets stuck at certain level of advancement and it does not further advance.

The way for you is that , as you are brimful with the Deity, you move forward to the Bhagwan by leaving all your fears. In Bhagwan’s vicinity you know what will happen? You will be LOADED WITH REQUIRED RAJASIK, SATVIK and THAMASIK GUNAS as in when they are required. They do not STICK TO YOU. They are loaded and unloaded as per the situation. It will happen automatically. At the same time, those gunas are played with the ART OF YOGA automatically in you. Means, currently you are not able to deal with some one in rajasik or thamasik way because laws of Nature come into play “AS PER YOUR ART OF YOGA”. The ART OF YOGA that you know is different and THE ART OF YOGA that Bhagwan does is different. Bhagwan, BEING IN THE ART OF YOGA, could kill Vaaali, or various other rakhas. But Bhgawan acted against HIS OWN RULE OF “NON VIOLENCE AND NON KILLING” . So does it mean Bhagwan is wrong? Bhagwan is right by both non violence and killing Vaali or others. It means simply that ONLY BHAGWAN KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG as he is always in the STATE OF YOGA. Being in the state of yoga, he always acts either killing or kissing or handshaking! He ONLY KNOWS . No one else, knows how to act being in the state of yoga. No other deities can know about it. No rishis, no munis, no gurus can know about it. Only those gurus who become swayam bhagwan know about it (in those gurus bodies bhagwan works).

So, certain souls …..

  1. Due to lack of rajasik gunas in them,
  2. Totally being satvik
  3. Due to lack of unlimited spiritual energy of Bhgawan (currently it is is of the deity which is always limited in terms of art of yoga and also energy)
  4. As they reached the brimful level of the deity’s energies

They are confused to act as per situation as they are lacking all these. I have observed many spiritual aspirants. Most of them struggle and stay lowly despite being spiritual and they cannot face the Rakshas. It is purely because of they reach the brimful level with Deities and they do not get ready to advance to Bhagwan. Not only this, they carry their own set of opinions, beliefs and own understanding of spirituality which is actually far away from the reality and the truth. The knowledge flow, the true spiritual energy does not come by reading vedas or millions of books written by various gurus or saints except they can make you excited.

Several Satya Sai Baba disciples, Shiridi Sai Baba disciples, several other disciples have been observed. All of them CANNOT ACT FREELY or operate their system freely as normal humans. Because they are always confused between what is right and what is wrong. They do not have that software or energy that guides them “as per situation” without thinking what is right and what is wrong. Because it is Bhagwan who operates and functions in you JUST LIKE THE WAY HE WORKED IN ARJUNA. That is how he has to function in you. Very rare spiritualists who have come to this level of spirituality. Most of them are stuck at surrender level. Also, when he works, his energy behind his directions would well deal with the people, business in harmony and at the same time, advances.

Surrender means this only. You by lifting your hands like Draupadi (she lifted her hands at last, but he is wise who lifts his hands at the first step itself). For such souls, the problems would not arise. You will be loaded with immense energy that will easily win you against all rakshas. Immense knowledge, unlimited power by which you will automatically act as the Bhagwan operates in you.

In away, you will be possessed by Bhagwan (Unfortunately this kind of language is needed to use because this is used for ghosts. But to make people understand, this wrong word is being required to use. To such level Bhagwan fell but still out of love it is fine ! )

Bhagwan will work in you, will operate in you, he speaks through you, he writes through you, he explains through you and does many more. As these souls reached the brimful level, move forward boldly to Bhagwan. Leave BOLDLY all deity related practices. No Gayatri japa is required. No lalita mantra is required. No other tantras, mantras yantras are required. Bhagwan means Narayana who is the combination of Shiva and Vishnu with all dharma. He is the CEO of the cosmos.

Because you belong to Narayana’s channel, Nature is introducing you to the Vishnu Channel of evolution.

It is required to tune to the frequency of Narayana. With mantra you can tune to him. You can tune to him with Om Namo Narayanaya” Or Om Shri Kalki Narayan Namaha. I advise you with Om Shree Kalki Narayan Namaha (Kalki is like latest software loaded with all GUNAS that today’s soul require to deal with the current world. But some have notion that he is radical. If you think so, you can take up Om Namo Narayanaya. But definitely Narayana himself will push you to Kalki in future). No other mantras and security layers of any other deities are required (which are mere actions of fear). Security layers are actually put by the timid, not by veeras (veera is yogi). Veera is hero. He is hero who totally lives by Bhgawan. Arjuna is a hero. Arjuna is not Arjuna actually. Arjuna is Krishna. In Arjuna, Krishna worked which is not known to all.

I had the soul experience with VIK and Rag. I was not coming into the office. I was just waiting outside the office. Vik came and I had long conversation (what is that, is beyond mind to perceive). Then, he went inside, told Rag (who is inside of the office), that EEYANA LOPAALKI RAVATAM LEDU. Rag.. Kanukko enduko enti vishayam. Then, he came out and asked me. Then I told him about the YOGA, the ART OF YOGA (doing and being at work and all time). That was the experience.

That experience, lead me finally to write all this. It means, that spirit what it was conveying by soul is being conveyed here physically.

This is the content I discussed with Vik. If this is practiced and when you get tuned to this BHAGWAN FREQUENCY , he will come inside the office and being in you, he will operate. When he operates, Lakshmi is with him always. Vijayam, great money, name, all will follow automatically – IT IS SATYAM.

But when you start it and after starting this, may be you will fall sick (fever or cold kind of thing will come). It is the SIGN of UNLOADING THE PREVIOUS DEITY’S ENERGY. The lower and weaker energy gets unloaded and newer energy of Bhagwan gets loaded into you. Do not see this fever and such illness negatively. Technically it is the process of old energy unloading and new energy loading. May be for some time, you will also tested if you stick to Bhagwan or not ( I will make sure, the test will be very minimal not severe). But whatever comes, stick to it, then the journey is all yours. World is there to own it. All world’s money is yours. The OCEANIC CONSCIOUSNESS spread across the cosmos, brings in GREAT CLIENTS. They will come searching for you. You do not have to search for clients. Also, those clients will be exactly as you want. Usually in the real world, many clients come, but they do not meet our frequency and suit our nature of doing things. But when Bhagwan fetches the customers, they naturally fit you 100%.

But this is the only way … the brimful satvik souls can evolve by approaching bhagwan. If this is not followed, it is TRUE TECHNICALLY that the same limited life goes on dispite all spiritual practices. I am only telling the SATYAM. I have done my DHARMA by conveying this message.

Also, this moving forward has to happen voluntarily and not by any force or pressure. I have told what is the soul problem but I do not mean to forcibly push or pressurize.

ALSO EVEN IF YOU THINK RATIONALLY LIKE A MODERN BUSINESS MIND, this suggestion and message, to implement it, it does not cost you anything. Just implement it for sometime, practically experience and see what will happen.

I placed V in the logo exactly one year ago. Now after 12 months, he is directly conveying the message that YOU HAVE ME AS “V”. I will take care of you totally.

The results will start coming in 45 days time. . .


After practicing the above mentioned mantra for six months to twelve months, you can move forward to OM.

Now you will practice the whole channel. This is how you will practice.

Everyday for few times (may be 12 times) you can chant the deity mantra (gayatri or lalita or any other mantra) and then 12 times of the channel head mantra (the above said Narayana mantra) and then always remain tuned to the main channel by chanting OM always. The deity mantra and Narayana Mantra you can chant like japa before you start the day. But rest of the other time (while walking, or driving or when you have free mind), you just chant OM alone. At this stage you will start finding that every sound is being part of you, every being is part of you and so on. At the same time, out of the art of yoga of Narayana, you will start acting in the world (because that is your channel). At this level, you will start feeling that Naryana is being in you and he is watching all, listening to all.

At this level, you are freed from all your owed karmas (even if they are there, the work you do becomes more universal). Because it is universal work, universal mind, you will have abundance of MONEY, NAME, PEOPLE AROUND to execute your works

My best loves and wishes . . . . to the great souls vik and Rag

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