I have not done any yoga or meditation so far! I am just a normal person. But yet these Involuntary Kriyas Started in me why?
Your soul has been evolving through several lives. Universal thinking, impersonal personality has been part of your being. So when, it reaches a certain level of development (like fruit ripening), then it will connect to the Nucleus of the cosmos. So, when the time came, these involuntary kriyas have started in you. That little universal and impersonal personality has caused this involuntary spinning or involuntary movements or kriyas in you.

What are the types of Involuntary Kriyas?
Body moving forward or backward or side to side. Body rotating. Moving hands. Moving legs. Head being pulled backward and you feel scared as if you would fall backward. Sometimes involuntarily dancing. Sometimes, involuntarily doing yoga asanas.

What is the aim of Involuntary Kriyas?
Your consciousness keeps getting churned. Your 3 Gunas (Satva, Rajo and Thamo gunas) get churned and thus, you will start becoming a better personality that matches perfectly with the “Laws of Nature” of the Cosmic Nucleus. Currently your personality is not in harmony with the Laws of Nature / Prakriti. Every man has three types of main traits. They are Satvik (positive), Thamasik (Negative) and Rajasik (They are totally rational). In every person, these three types of traits keep changing every moment. That is the reason why even the worst person at times behaves good and at times, the good person behaves very badly.

The little universal personality caused these involuntary kriyas in you, but once it starts in you, your own nucleus responding to the Cosmic Nucleus, expects you to evolve to balance Initially The Three Gunas in you (The Traits explained above) and go beyond them.

Other Symptoms in your life
By now, you should have been into some problems in life such as psychological issues or issues related to health, career, relations, finances or even inclination towards spirituality (but you are not able to advance spiritually).

Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas or Spontaneous Kundalini Kriyas started Naturally in you?
If these kriyas started naturally in you, without any Guru’s intervention then, you are good to evolve Naturally as per the Cosmic Nucleus. Cosmic Nucleus is very pure and its Yoga is very pure. Its traits are very pure. Such pure Gurus are not there in the current world. I am sure

Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas or Spontaneous Kundalini Kriyas were initiated by any in you?
The above said involuntary kriyas are also starting in the presence of some gurus. But those are just initial Kriyas that happen when Kundalini Awakening (which explained above). But awakening just does not solve your problems. You may have some spiritual experiences which make you wonder as you have not seen them so far in your life. But the actual transformation happens only when the Kundalini ascends upward piercing all chakras. It can only happen by surrendering Holy Feet Of “The True Guru” . The True Transformation happens only when you are connected to the GURU WHO HAS THE TRUE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE NUCLEUS. Else, you will just remain encircling with those initial kriyas that do not transform your mind, intellect, cleanse your soul and transform you. You will also not have any spiritual wisdom, knowing the science of Inner Nature and Outer Nature and so on. The Guru who initiated you into these initial involuntary kundalini kriyas should not be through ANY OTHER GURUS (through paramapara – meaning there should not be any other guru above him). If you are initiated by The Guru who follow his Guru and if such Guru initiated you into these Kriyas, then, you will never ascend spiritually or gain self realization. You will just remain with the beliefs, opinions and characteristics of those gurus.

You should have observed already that The Guru who initiated you into those INITIAL INVOLUNTARY KRIYAS, are running some ashrams and heavily advertising on internet look for the money ! They can never initiate you into The True Yoga that is from the Nucleus! Several people who are initiated by such gurus came to Kalki Kriya Yoga path seeking the true knowledge and freedom from the Prakriti.

I am naturally initiated into Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas and I have some problems in life
The field of Prakriti (the energy that runs the whole world), sent you to this website, giving you the opportunity to evolve your soul while clearing your problems in life.

What is required to walk the path to evolve my soul while fixing problems in my life?
Surrendering to The Guru of this path. Till you surrender, no matter how closely you talk to the Guru of this path, your problems persist.

What are the basic discipline to evolve my soul with Kundalini Kriyas ?
Stop eating Meat (Fish, crabs , all types of animals)
Stop alcohol
Stop Smoking
Do not be in the business of killing animals or hurting other people

What are the levels of Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas ?
Mainly three levels as per Satva, Rajo and Thamo Gunas

1. Satva People
These people give importance to intuition. They do not think rationally. All people in the world, including highly educated to uneducated people, are rational. They all ask question, why, what, how, where and so on! Those who are in high levels of spirituality, they would not be rational. Rationality is the problem in human’s mind. That is the layer of the personality that stops spiritual energy to descend.

These people are meant self realization and they are truly dedicated to the path and committed for self-realization and going beyond it. They stay in the vicinity of Guru all time. These people are ready for any situation that manifests naturally and open to do anything as the situation demands. They are ready for losing thing for getting rid of their attachments and karma. These people would be ready to surrender to Guru. These people are meant mainly for Self Realization, disciplined and balanced life. These people do not argue with Guru. They know how to behave with Guru. These people get the real knowledge of spirituality from within. Into these people, The Guru enters. These people know very well that knowledge cannot come by reading blogs on internet and reading other spiritual or religious books. The True knowledge is knowing, the change within that changes personality from within. It does not come by reading books! The science is all in bringing the change in soul software that transforms. These people know what is devotion and surrender from within (which I do not explain here) . These people know from within that rationality, spiritual discussions, prayers, group meditations do not yield them anything. They do not boast by telling their spiritual experiences and so on. They know what is Guru TRULY! These people are disciplined and follow the path silently. They do not talk! Their search for spirituality stops once they come to The Guru.

Guru of this path, will consider only these people as disciples. Kalki Guru of this path, will evolve these souls through the Kalki Kriya process explained in Kalki Kriya Yoga Section

If you belong to this category, when you contact us, you will be badly tested naturally.

2. Rajasik People
These people are rational people. Their mind is cluttered with too many questions and doubts. They feel, they can realize and know by discussing spiritual topics. They do not practice the path. They are always engaged in reading several spiritual books and blogs. They have several opinions and beliefs which they cannot leave. They argue with Guru (even if they say that they have surrendered to the Guru). Many of these cannot leave their attachments. They boast off by talking about their spiritual experiences. They cannot surrender to the Guru. Some of these people are highly religious and they cannot leave their religious beliefs and opinions. They exchange many spiritual messages on internet simply to show off their spirituality. They cannot leave their attachments. These people need lot of transformation.

3. Thamasik People: These people have totally negative personality. They are opposite totally to the type 1 explained above.

If you belong to 2nd and 3rd categories, please do not contact us. You can chant the following basic mantras to evolve. You will take many years to evolve.

I got initiated by other Gurus into Kundalini Kriyas. But I am not evolving. What should I do?
You are required to follow the basic discipline explained above and chant the following basic mantras to evolve. After chanting these mantras for 45 days, contact Kalki Kriya for further help.

I belong to levels 2 and 3 above. What should I do to evolve and sustain with Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas ?
You can chant the following mantras all times. The more you chant these mantras the faster you will start evolving. Lam – Sound of Earth

Vam – Sound of Water
Ram – Sound of Fire
Yam – Sound of Air
Ham – Sound of Space

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