Kalki Bhagwan

Every phase of time and space produces its ultimate divine cosmic power with the latest version of divine soul software with required and suitable ingredients to that specific time and space. When everyone follows that divine soul software, then they can live well in that specific time & space. That is the science. You cannot call Buddha’s old software for living this time and space. Of-Course, Buddha comes, but he comes with a latest version of software ingredients in which his approaches, technologies and teachings change as per the current time and space. Such updated and latest version is the supreme soul software of Kalki Bhagwan.

Every phase of the cosmos has one ruler. Likewise, the current ruler of the world is Shree Kalki. He is the updated version of the software that works as per the personalities of the current phase of the world.

A complete revolutionist with the technology and the approaches that suit the current phase of the world.

Kalki is the tenth incarnation of lord Vishnu. He takes back the humanity to the earliest time and space of consciousness. Currently in Nature the traits (gunas) which are like ingredients in a dish are so imbalanced. He will bring the balance in Nature. Unlike his previous incarnations, this time, he does not work in just one body. He works in various bodies, without even awareness of those bodies (those bodies do not even know that Kalki is in them). He will not remain all time in just one body. From time to time, he keeps moving by soul. He would even be in multiple bodies at multiple locations at a given time. But those bodies do not even know that he is in them.

Param Pita Shree Kalki Bhagwan

It is a great display of authority and energy of the super natural power. Many Gurus and spiritualists claim to be KALKIs. Kalki will not come to PREACH spirituality to humanity. He comes to whip with the energy without even opening his mouth. Just glance is enough and at his glance all Natural Forces will work behind !   He comes to take the consciousness back to the original one which does not have stains. He does not market himself nor builds any Ashrams to preach spirituality and meditation courses ! His glance is enough to make some one get deep into meditation .Whomever he sees, he meets or touches, the meditation will start naturally happening with them.  

Kalki’s ruling has already started since 2016 and his work would be quite secretive work that happens in Nature through several souls. He will bring back the dharma of Nature. Dharma is not religion! It is the original in-built system in souls that make them function in harmony with Nature. Souls will touch that original dharma and from then, on souls know how to operate in harmony with Nature which is THE DHARMA.  It happens by his soul working closely with Nature. He just lives normally mingling in all humans. His horse would be the soul horse. His Ratnamaru the sword is his glance, his talks and thoughts which cut maya in whomever he sees, thinks of and talks to! The Dharma that is of Nature is obviously The Sanatan Dharma (the original and the first dharma of all souls who are born in the womb of Nature).

He does not BEG FOR RECOGNITION like the many GURUS who are preaching spirituality.

His soul work with many souls has already started secretly which can never be understood nor even touch the work by normal spiritual people nor even so called great gurus !

Kalki, The Current King and Ruler 
Just like you being faithful to your employer, if you pray to the current King, you would be blessed with NEEDED TRAITS that help you deal with the people in the current world. Every incarnation comes down with a set of traits that are required to deal with the world. You cannot pray to older versions of incarnations and deal with the current world and people. You need latest version of the incarnation so you would be blessed with those traits that help greatly in current world. Example : You can say peace peace like Buddha all times in current world! To give an example, you can probably be like Krishna who said go wage war on all traits. Waging war – some great spiritualist gave a version of fighting with the traits within, Yes, that is one perspective but another perspective is to deal with the external forces that are not in harmony with Nature.

Praying to Kalki, you would have energies to deal with unrighteousness or wickedness and injustice. You would gain inner guidance that helps you deal with the world properly. You cannot live in the world by reading books nor listening any spiritual preaches. The change and the force of guidance has to happen from within which will help you navigate yourself greatly without gaining karma. The guidance in all aspects of life will come when you pray to Lord Kalki.

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