Kalki Guru

I am Dharmay Yodha. First you will fall in harmony with Dharma Naturally, with my energy. Later you will start experiencing, Artha, Kama and Moksha naturally by which you will know what True Prosperity is!

Involuntary Kriya Yoga started in Shree Murali in his childhood and Lord Kalki used to work through him. As a child he was not able to understand all those. 

He landed up in Himamalayas and later a major spiritual accident in which he left his body for several hours. A divine operation took place and later Spiritual Guru’s soul entered into his body. Later, he started healing naturally and then he went through several spiritual practices directly under the guidance of Shri Maha Avatar Babaji. Later, Shri Babaji handed him over to the supreme soul. Meditation and spiritual practices related to all 10 Avataras of Lord Vishnu started in him and finally Lord Kalki started interacting with Shree Murali. He said, he would work through Shree Murali and after 2012, the work related to Lord Kalki would start in him to energize the people with Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas that automatically transform the people, without any spiritual talks and discussions. Till then, he had to prepare his wife and child and evolve them spiritually to accompany him in his mission. 

Today, several people get initiated into Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas in the world by his soul and body. He does not have to meet people to initiate people in Kundalini Kriyas. His soul travels and meets various souls and initiate them. Later they contact Shree Murali through internet. 

Later people started calling him Kalki Guru as they spiritually experienced him as Kalki. He does not call himself Kalki or some messenger!  He does not set up any ashrams and yoga teaching entities. He sets up only KALKI SHAKTI PEETHAS across the globe. Many people reach him for self realization. He initiates them into Spanda Kriya yoga which evolves their souls quite faster than any other yoga in the world. Those who surrender to him for self realization, they sit at these Shakti Peethas practicing their self realization in Spanda Kriya Yoga path. People who visit those Kalki Shakti Peetahas, naturally get energized spiritually and they will start seeing lot of transformations in their life. They will experience better life in terms of health, finances, careers, relationships and so on. They will find some energy is reorganizing their life. They start experiencing the meditation and yoga naturally happening in their lives, all times. Whatever the work they are engaged in, they experience that the meditation and yoga happening in the background all times. They would also have better perception and understanding of situations in life. Because they will start understanding their own inner nature and the situations with all souls in the outer nature (the world). 

some cannot try to do meditation anymore. The souls are not able to evolve at the expected rate by the Prakriti. Prakriti is suffering. A new science that evolves the souls had to be brought. The science of Spanda, the action within the Nucleus or The God is brought down for the faster evolution of the souls.

These involuntary kriyas are happening with few other Gurus but those are low level kriyas such as involuntarily shaking hands, involuntarily dancing or doing yoga asanas etc. But the real INVOLUNTARY KRIYA YOGA, through deep processes of it (you can check the Kalki Kriya Yoga Section in this website to understand the process and steps) it will cleanse the soul, mind, karma and take them deep inward along with a deep knowledge of Inner Nature and Outer Nature. The operation of the life within and externally through several situations and souls would happen only in Kalki Kriya Yoga path. This is the highest of Involuntary Kriya Yoga that happens only with the help of the Guru of this path. In this path, the soul evolves naturally cleansing the karma and traits.  

Lord Kalki the 10th Avatar of Lord Vishnu works through the Guru of this path, Shree Murali. The science of Spanda Kriya is transmitted naturally when Guru Shree Murali speaks to anyone on phone or even by text messages. The transmission happens when someone meets him in person. The science of Spanda Kriya evolves souls through various types of yogas such as Mantra, Tantra, Raja Yoga, Sankhya and many other yogas together. The evolution happens involuntarily and naturally. As they evolve, they will start falling the path of Dharma , Artha, Kama and Moksha. Naturally they will start following Sanatan Dharma related practices and disciplines.  

Though some people get the help initially with the Grace of Guru, the actual evolution and resolution of problems in life happen only when one surrenders to the holy feet of The Guru of this path. Without this, whoever seeks self realization or whoever tries to understand this science can never happen without surrendering to The Guru of this path, Shree Murali. Whoever surrenders to the Guru, Bhagwadgita will start happening in their lives. They can feel that the meditation is happening all time in the background. 

Many people come to gain the knowledge but they are just seeking information which they do not know. Knowledge is knowing. The knowing can never happen without devotion and love towards The Guru. Prakriti scans all souls, if anyone tries to pretend here, definitely they would go through such tests in life and with Guru which get them away from him. They cannot sustain with The Guru without true devotion, love and surrender to The Guru. This is not the path of just telling some people 

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