Kalki Kriya Yoga

Kalki Kriya Yoga evolves the souls quite faster than any other kriya yoga on the earth today. It is not just Involuntary Kriya Yoga. It is a deep science of Souls and Prakriti which no one can understand without surrendering to the Physical Guru of this path. That is the lock of the science. My tests happen when someone comes to this path. Without surrendering to the Holy Feet of the guru, not a bit one can move in this path. Because in this path, the Guru’s soul operates the whole life and mind of the disciple who surrenders to the Guru which include even the situations that manifest in life.

Several types of people approach Kalki Guru. Some come for the pains they have in life, some come for seeking god and some come to seek the knowledge and science of this path. Just like in a class, we have front row students and the students who belong to the second row, third row and so on like that which will keep them away from the Guru.

Actually how much ever one tries to call or meet Kalki Guru. Without Prakriti allowing you, you cannot just reach him. Even if she allows you, you would be tested very badly by him. You may even totally misunderstand him. Your spiritual knowledge, your spiritual powers or no matter if you are a guru too, you would be very badly tested by him by which you might totally misunderstand him. You might even leave him but WHATEVER YOU REQUIRE TO GET (which you do not even know), you will get it.

Based on the levels of the students, Guru will lead them in the path of Kalki Kriya Yoga. You can check your level at CHECK YOUR LEVELS PAGE. In fact you do not even know which level you belong to by reading this, that is your state. This page is just for your understanding but your mind cannot understand it in reality.

The Kalki Kriya Yoga is deep science of souls evolving the field field of prakriti and its technology. This science was not even attempted to understand by great Yogis and Gurus. That is the reason why in this website, no other gurus, even Shri Maha Avatar Babaji’s name is not mentioned. This science and path is intended the souls to travel back home to the God or Nucleus or whatever you call it. In the backward journey, no other Gurus would interfere in this process except the Guru of this path, Shree Kalki Guru. The approach and technology of Param Pita Shree Kalki is that that, it would be quite different from all who came to the earth so far. He is the next level to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was also radical to certain extent combining with more love. But Kalki Bhagwan and his approach would be more radical than his previous version, Lord Krishna. That approach and spiritual technologies are required at this juncture of time and space. Else, practicing spirituality itself would not be possible. That is the reason why most of the spiritual people lay lowly and cannot balance the material world and spiritual world (that even applies to many gurus in the world today).

Following are various types of yoga processes in this path. During the process of ascending these levels, the followers will experience the fruits of Prosperity, Good Health, Wealth, Better Relations, Detachment, Strength to overcome their weaknesses etc would naturally get loaded into them. This path is meant for more worldly people, meaning, who lead marital and materialistic lives. This path would help them live well with great spiritual understanding of Inner Nature and Outer Nature that gets them all material comforts in life while advancing spiritually. This path would lead you to Purushartha means the purpose of man’s life which are Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. The path would evolve soul towards self realization, making the soul more and more impersonal and universal. Those who seek self realization in this path, for them, surrendering to the holy of Kalki Guru is essential. If one is ready to surrender at greater extent to the Guru, he would get the self realization in just six years in this path.

If only only you hold on to the holy feet of Kalki Guru of this path, the following all yogic way living will automatically load into you with cosmic energy which will automatically make you fall and live in this path with internal guidance. This is the easiest and fastest way of falling in line with this path.

Kalki Kriya Prakriti Yoga : This is the very initial level of the path. It will basically cleanse the mind and intellect of the people. For some people, based on their level of dirt filled in their soul (karma, traits, rationality) it would even take years or lives together to transform. They get lost in between into their connected karmas. But if they continue doing the suggested process, they will connect to Kalki Guru on and off which will help them overcome their life related problems. But due to their head weight, wrong thinking, due to wrong spiritual opinions and book reads (which is actually information and it is not knowledge), they buy more karmas due to which they keep encircling being away from Kalki Guru. Most of the people who come, get lost here itself. But at least, the process of Kalki Kriya which would evolve them faster, would start with them in this life, at least. Basic levels of discipline will be advised to them, which most of them fail of-course.

Kalki Kriya Guru Bhakti Yoga : Devotion towards Guru needs to be understood, felt and practiced by the people. I am still calling them people because they have not yet earned the love of Guru. After this level, they would be taken as disciples of this path. Till then, they just remain as devotees or like any other person in the world.

Kalki Kriya Mantra Yoga : Based on their evolution, Kalki Guru naturally knows what mantras need to be given to them and how to practice them etc. At this stage, Guru would be working more and more from within.

Kalki Kriya Dharma Yoga : This would give more disciplines to practice to fall in harmony with the laws of Nature.

Kalki Kriya Sanatan Dharma Yoga: This would give practices related to the “Satan Dharma” the dharma science of God. Some rituals will be given at this level.

Kalki Spanda Kriya Dhyana Yoga : This is the involuntary Dhyana Yoga (meditation) that happens automatically. It is unlike any other involuntary meditations that happen with any other gurus or with you (in case you were naturally initiated into it).

Kalki Kriya Gnana Yoga : The knowledge naturally flows from within. It is not knowledge that you read in books nor any books would be supplied to you. At this state, you would be more closely interacting with Kalki Guru physically for oral explanations of your soul experiences, thoughts and situations in life.

Kalki Kriya Tantra Yoga : At this level, more technologies of soul and Nature, you would get into. Just out of your false information about the word, Tantra, do not think negatively or get into false conclusions! You are rather WARNED to just still your mind while you read this sentence on this website. Any wrong thinking, would produce its own karmas for you which will manifest big time quickly in your life.

Kalki Kriya Karma Yoga: Kalki Guru will give various works, which need to be done in a volunteer and service oriented fashion.

Kalki Kriya Artha Karma Yoga: You will be connected to purpose of your life at this state. By now, if you have clean mind, you would do that. Else, you are again gone with the wind of your karma in life.

Kalki Kriya Purushartha Yoga : It will not only teach you but also the energy that loads into you which will automatically make you live balanced way of living with Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha

Kalki Kriya Karma Dahan Yoga : This will have some external rituals and internal techniques that will burn certain karmas of the followers which will speed up the soul evolution along with faster and better material comforts.

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