Kalki Shakti Peethas

Kalki Shakti Peethas do not work like Ashrams. They are the energy transmitting centers to those who visit the Kalki Shakti Peethas. Those who visit The Shakti Peethas, naturally transform in their lives. There are not rate cards for yoga nor yoga is taught at these places. Visiting and sitting silently with devotion would do all the needful to those who visit these places.

Kalki Shakti Peeth would be the center point in Hyderabad that will have several Kalki Shakti Peethas across the globe. The self-realized masters who surrender to the main master of the path and the paramapara will be taking care of those Shakti Peethas. Currently there are two Shakti Peethas in India.

Kalki means Nishkalank, spotless supreme soul. His work would also be accordingly. The Kalki Shakti Peeth has a mission of several thousands of years in evolving the human consciousness with Involuntary Yogic Science (Kalki Involuntary Kriya Yoga). The Kalki Shakti Peeth and its centers will play a major role in spiritually managing several worldly affairs.

Kalki Shakti Peethas would never ever be influenced by any Maya. The Peeth and centers are totally managed by the super natural power and Nature. Any of such MAYA acts of the people who involved in the operations of the Peeth and centers would DEFINITELY BE UNDERGONE THROUGH VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS in life. The life will be ruined. It is not a mere statement but rather a an open warning!

Here, the doer is Kalki Bhagwan through Nature of Five Elements. The people involved in the operations would also flow like RIVER. They never tamper the natural process.

The self realized souls at the feet of Kalki Guru are spreading across the world. Nature and Kalki are already making ready several successors to Kalki Guru and his wife. They all will deliver the GURU VANI and manage their centers as per those directions. They all would be free of will, mind and intellect. They live their lives like empty Flute.

Nothing will be taught manually in this path. The centers only help people in connecting them to Shree Kalki Guru. Rest all will happen in them naturally. The centers do their universal cosmic jobs which would be merely spiritual. They do not do any physically exhibiting activities in the real world. The centers conduct several spiritual operations that help the regional parts of the world in various aspects of worldly affairs. But those would be merely spiritual activities.

Many Gurus and divine souls as a divine soul army are working behind this Mission under the leadership and guidance of Shree Kalki Bhagwan.

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