Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is a powerful path in Spirituality. Involuntary Kriya Yoga is next level Kriya Yoga to it!

Kriya Yoga, the breathing exercises, meditative approaches, Hansa and all those have been taught in the world. The spiritualist, does those kriyas on his own. With the help of breath, praana (life force) the kriyas are done and then the consciousness due to the continued work between breath and praana, the traits get burnt. When the traits weaken and burn, then the karma burns. In terms of thoughts, the thoughts between negative and positive pushes and pulls also churn the consciousness. The kriya yoga taught so far through many Ananadas and Giris is the nursery level of Kriya Yoga. That Kriya Yoga form the base for Involuntary Kriya Yoga that happens automatically with the grace of Guru.

In Kriya Yoga, Guru is given the highest of the importance. It is the Yoga of Energies, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Bhakti, Raja Yoga and so on. Without surrendering to the Holy Feet of the Guru, in this path, they cannot advance. In this path, if Guru says, sit upside down, you should sit like that,without asking questions. If you ask questions, it just cannot be explained which has multi directional purposes in the cosmos. Also, if you ask questions, your rationality will not die. In Kriya Yoga, you should just shut up and sit in front of Guru and learn surrendering to the Guru first. In this path, you will evolve fast! In the case of Involuntary Kriya which is next level of Kriya Yoga, you will evolve much faster. If you surrender to the Guru, you are assured that you will give Enlightenment and fall in the path of getting freedom from Prakriti perfectly. But you will be tested so badly by The Guru. Without passing tests, you will not be able to ascend this path. The tests will not be told and come, they come naturally when you are with Guru or even when you live your life away from him. Guru will manifest in several situations in life to teach you.

Kriya Yoga is the Game of Souls. Souls of several Gurus and several divine energies manifest in front of the Guru of The Involuntary Kriya Yoga. He would have the power of fixing any soul problem, calling any soul in the cosmos to in front of him. He can fix any problem in your life and he can even save you from your death. But are you ready to surrender to his holy feet? Are you ready to leave your will and Ego and surrender to his feet?

Not only Gurus, disciples who follow this path, would go through so many tests in every step they ascend. As this is the path of creation, sustenance and dissolution energies, you would not be going to higher levels without passing the tests and losing your ego. No matter how great spiritual INFORMATION (which you think is knowledge out of your religious books or blogs on internet), you have, you will not be able to ascend the path. You will be totally cowed down and when the Ego dies then only, you will start ascending. Guru can easily smell your traits lurking inside which you do not know. He will start healing them.

Guru’s treatment in this path would be quite different. He might even very strange which you can never understand. If your mind is not clean, you will think very negatively about his actions. So in this path, you will not ascend the path, unless your mind and intellect get cleaned.

Disciples as they ascend The Involuntary Kundalini Path, you will gain many spiritual energies. So if your ego, will, attachments and traits are not balanced, you will not only misuse those energies but you will also go mad by not being able to manage those energies. So in this path, surrendering to Guru and being in his observance and totally listening to what he says is very essential.

But in this phase of Kaliyug, hardly some people would be on the earth, who can surrender to the Guru.

Guru will make you wait, he will ask you sweep floor, clean bathrooms and whatever he may give, you are required to do in this path. This is the path of not just knowing God, it is becoming God! Are you ready?

In KALKI INVOLUNTARY KRIYA YOGA, the approaches would be quite different. Because at this phase of Kaliyug, your own parents are against your evolution. They want you to just go to temples and churches but they do not want you to go deep inside. Your husbands, your wives, your other friends, relatives, they are scared of “Actual Spirituality and self realization”. They want you to earn more money and be happy by watching movies, being with family and so on. Because they think, spirituality means, leaving all, living without money, not being able to take care of family and so on. Those are all their opinions and beliefs. They are not True.

There are several wanna be yogis, who have deep thirst inside for knowing The Truth, but they are scared of facing their parents, their wives, their husbands, their friends, society and so on. Their own relations and all these people in reality actually their enemies. They are Rakshas. They may be parents, but your own parents cow down your soul to not to advance spiritually. It is also their wrong belief and opinion that if you follow spirituality and self realization, you will not have money, family they think.

It is wrong. Technically, the problems of people such as finances, relations, health, career and so are their soul problems. Their soul is stuck at some level of transformation and they keep encircling there due to which they face all these problems. But when you grow spiritually with the grace of Guru, you will not only evolve spiritually but also materialistically too. You will have wonderful family, children, good comforts in life, peace and in parallel the soul would advance spiritually. This is actual prosperity. People who have lot of money, having good cars and bungalows do not mean they have prosperity. But they also have several pains and sufferings which you do not know.

Imagine Nature / Prarkriti is like the field. Farmer is The God who descends down in the form of a farmer. For the welfare of the field (the world), the yield of the crop is expected say “30 bags of rice” per acre. But currently, the yield in the world is only 5 bags per acre which is not sufficient for the welfare of the world. All souls at this moment are advancing materialistically by killing the soul totally. So for the farmer, the actual yield is very less. Spiritually no one is advancing. Even if some people are into spirituality, they also are exposed to wrong spirituality and even in that, again so many attachments, many hypocrisies, tensions, worries and so on.

In Kalki Involuntary Kriya Yoga, you will be energized to fight with the environment and people around you so you keep them at a distance (but yet maintain relation) so they will not influence you in your life and living. Then, you will spiritually and materialistically evolve by understanding who is actually good and who is actually bad in the world. People whom you think very good will turn out to be bad. They can be your parents too! But you will find them like that, through situations that will arise naturally. This is how guru manifests situations in life to show you what is true and what is false. This is not the blackboard teaching class. The teaching happens once Guru enters into you. Guru will only enter into you when you surrender to him. Till then, you will have your own intelligence and guidance (which comes from your own dark soul). Many fools think wrong about the word “Guru is inside”. Every man will have guru inside? Osama Bin Laden had Guru inside? You the reader ! Do you have guru inside? If you have Guru inside, you would not be reading this blog! Fools, just by reading books, they come to wrong and false conclusions like this that Guru is inside. Yes, Guru will enter into you, only when you surrender to him. Then, he will start being inside you. Finally one day, you will loose your false self and start becoming like Guru. That is how it happens, when The Guru inside you shines in you.

Kalki Involuntary Kriya Yoga is quite revolutionary way of spirituality. You can check the next page to understand Kalki Kriya Yoga