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Kundalini is nothing but your own nucleus within. The Nucleus is inactive in all, in sleeping mode. In your case, as your frequency, matches with the frequency of the Cosmic Nucleus, it is resonating in you. Universal and impersonal personality in you such as, thinking for the welfare of others, helping others, worrying about others or at times, you may be very devotional towards God. Such personality generates certain kind of frequency which is called “Spanda” in sanskrit. That frequency matches with the impersonal personality of The Cosmic Nucleus (whom we all call God).

God is like CEO of the company. His actual nature is pure consciousness working with its counter part, which is his own recognizing aspect is called Prakriti in Sanskrit. That Prakriti is the combination of pure energy with the power of governing system which has certain laws.

That Prakriti aspect always always works impersonally for the welfare of the world. It is impersonal personality with universal frequency. It not only has universal characteristics, but also has unconditional love and compassion for its own creation which is the world. That compassion and love is a form of devotional energy.

When your frequency matches with it, with universal characteristics and devotion towards God, that frequency of yours, matches with the frequency of the Nucleus of the cosmos, whom we call God. You may have several other weaknesses, bad habits, traits etc. But still the universal frequency of yours, when it matches with the Cosmic Nucleus, you will start RESPONDING to the Original Frequency of the Cosmic Nucleus. The Cosmic Nucleus, vibrates all time. An unseen work or KRIYA happens within the cosmic nucleus. Just like the work between Protons and Neutrons in Nucleus, a unseen work happens between Prakriti and Pure Consciousness. That work is the cause of the creation, sustenance and dissolution.

The constant and continued work between Prakriti and Paramatma (Pure Consciousness) produce an electromagnetic field of material (which is this world) which we call the world or let us call it Nature. The Nucleus produces pure unlimited energy that drives the whole world with its laws and power of governance system .

Your Nucleus is currently shaking due to that Cosmic Nucleus and its frequency. The NATURE OF THE COSMIC NUCLEUS is that it keeps RESONATING, PULSATING, VIBRATING.

Due to your above characteristics, your Nucleus is responding to the Cosmic Nucleus and its pulsation. Your Nucleus is your Kundalini. That is responding to the Cosmic Nucleus. The result of that response is nothing these Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas in you.

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