Problems Without Guru

Everybody cannot surrender to The Guru. In Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas, you may belong to Satvik, Rajasik and Thamasik levels of personalities. You can check the FAQs and levels sections of this website to know more information.

The Governance of the Cosmic Nucleus which is Prakriti, connected you to this website in order to live good life with spiritual progress. You cannot understand this intention of Prakriti. Due to your personality problems, you are already going through several problems in life. Prakriti gave you the opportunity by sending you here, to fix problems in life while progressing spiritually.

The problems in life persist, till you surrender to the Guru. Guru is the only gate for the soul evolution. Even if you pretend in front of Guru, even if he blesses, they will not work as you are just pretending with him.

The financial problems, health problems, career issues, relationship problems and so on are there in your life which are actually your soul problems. Each problem is tied to several karmas and traits of yours. When you only surrender to The Guru, he will start opening those locks spiritually. Guru through various internal Karma Burning Exercises (by soul) and external Karma Burning exercises, he will speed up your soul evolution. But for that, surrender to the Guru honestly is required without which, these solutions of Guru will not work, even if he works with you.

Only after surrendering to the Guru, your actual prosperity in life will start.

If you kundalini kriyas are already happening in you, if you belong to 2 and 3 levels, you will definitely go through various problems in life as the internal Kriya that happens are tied to the soul problems which actually excavate the situations in life. So it is very difficult for people to follow the Guru to continue with Involuntary Kundalini Kriyas.

If you leave Involuntary Kriyas, then obviously your evolution in material and spiritual lives would any way stop.

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