Self Realization

Self Realization is a process. It is not just leaving all the world and sitting on some rock in Himalayas. Self Realization is the science of understanding the science of Inner Nature, Outer Nature and their perfect balance. That perfect balance is called Yoga, the union of Spirit and Nature.

Self Realization is not a SHOW PIECE to the other people. Showing off your intellectualism, higher thinking to others is again a “VIKARA” (disease). Most of the current spirituality in the world is in this form at this moment.

Self Realization is a process in which the seeker surrenders to the holy feet of The Guru and then the science and process gets transmitted by Guru’s energy. Then, Guru will enter into such seeker and guide him from within and also externally at times through external Nature. Guru will manifest in the situations in such surrendered disciples’ lives and teach externally. Very few words he may speak physically to the disciple. It is not a process that you learn and understand by simply reading some holy books or spiritual books or participating in spiritual arguments and discussions.

Unfortunately today, people cannot surrender to Gurus and Gurus are also not that pure enough to transmit them the actual path. Yoga has become just another business entity. The followers of various yoga paths are also quite stingy that they cannot recognize the universal work of Guru and they cannot give “Guru Dakshina”. Such bad state of both gurus and disciples in current world. It is because the followers are stingy, Gurus have rate cards for their yoga teachings. Gurus are also not supposed to have rate cards but in fact CONVEY A PERFECT MESSAGE STRONGLY to the followers to understand the meaning of “Guru Dakshina” and its operation and its science. Explanation will not be of any help, but the Guru’s energy should drive it to make sure that the follower really follow it rather than just overhear about it. Gurus also want lot of attention now! They need more crowds with noise rather that the perfect few people who are ready to follow the path. On the other hand, followers also want to show off to normal people by saying that “they are spiritual”. So they crazily to go to various gurus, participate in their conversations but nothing they can get out of such conversations and discussions. So in a way IT HAS BECOME A TRADE SYSTEM of illusion from both gurus and followers. So both are living in a mask of darkness of spirituality. Such sad state is the current situation! You can what I explained here, in the current spiritual business organizations. Gurus also know that they cannot change the world so they bend themselves for their survival. They also bend or compromise and become dark again by maligning their souls.

Anyways, self realization does not mean, you leave the family and go to Himalays but rather being within Maya (the world), yet not sticking to Maya (the world). World is real, yet your emotions, interactions relationships all need to be detached. It is an art of being in a different state from that state you interact with the world. That art can never be written in books nor educated. But it can only be transmitted. The art of war (of living life) in this world, needs to be loaded into you like a software. Only then, you will become a different personality altogether. That is what is called transformation. It is like in movies “a villain” becoming like a “Hero”. Characteristics and personality of villain are totally different from that of Hero. Villain can never be changed as Hero through some black board education or books. It is a soul transformation exercise which only can be done by The Guru. Guru himself is the God’s discernment form. It can never be understood by normal humans as long as their mind and intellect get cleaned. They always see the Guru improperly because Guru’s behaviors would also be purposely “BE DOUBT CREATING” in the followers. Some followers can stand with the such hurricanes of The Guru, some fall. Those who fall, definitely go away from the Guru.

The best approach towards Guru, for any follower is that “I am seeing God in Guru, I will stick to it no matter what happens”. But if Guru does wrong things and if he is playing and misusing me, then it is HIS KARMA” . I am clean on my part, if Guru is not clean on his part, that is his problem – This is how the Guru should be seen. If that Guru is really misusing you, the God’s energy (which is Prakriti) will naturally get you away from such Gurus. But if you think negatively about Guru, then also you will be moved away from the Guru. If you folow this approach, then The Guru will start revealing himself after many tests. Then, you can obviously pursue the path of Self Realization in his vicinity. Self Realization can never come without surrendering to Guru. The Ego and individual will, wrong opinions and beliefs, karma and traits would never die without surrendering to the holy feet of The Guru.

In the path of Kalki Kriya Yoga, it is must for self realization seekers to surrender to Shree Kalki Guru. They will be tested so badly on several levels. If 100 self realization seekers come to Kalki Guru, just 5 will stick to him and later only two will remain with him. Such hard and perfect is the conversion rate! But those who surrender to the holy feet of Kalki Guru, they will start shining in all aspects of life. They just not only get self realization but also greatly shine in all aspects of life as long as they live on the earth plane. Those who honestly and truly surrender are guaranteed to get the self realization in just six years. Kalki Kriya Yoga is the fastest Soul Transforming path on the earth plane today. Some try to hide behind and pretend in surrendering to the Guru. They will obviously gain nothing but in return get trapped several life related problems. They will naturally keep getting away from Kalki Guru.

If you are married, you are required to seek the surrender along with your life partner, as a couple. If you are unmarried and young below 30 years, you are required seek the surrender with the acceptance of the parents. You cannot just simply come and seek the surrender.

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