Surrendering To Guru

Surrendering to Guru starts with lot of devotion for Guru. With devotion, the disciple starts meditating on Guru’s physical form. Because Guru himself is The God for the disciple. Everyone cannot become disciple. Those who accept to this truth by body, by mind, by soul, that Guru himself is God without even a small doubt, only such one becomes the disciple. Till then, how many ever times, one bends to Guru and whatever he does, one will not become disciple to the Guru. Though someone says that he is disciple to Guru, he cannot become literally.

Meditating on Guru with devotion is the first step for someone to become disciple. Totally surrendering to Guru means, Guru tests the disciples all times. Whatever Guru says or asks, they should follow it. Guru gets to know if you literally follow him or not. If you do not do what he says, then obviously you do not have respect for him nor you follow him. Then no way you become disciple to the Guru.

Guru is the Only Way for fixing problems in life for the disciple. Disciple not only gets the way to knowing the self but his problems in life will also be fixed and his karma gets burnt.

Many people say, they have surrendered to Guru, but they do not and it is not that easy too. Guru may test you in many ways to know weather you really love him with devotion or not. Even if you meditate on him and later, if you do not listen to what he says, you will be obviously chucked out of his system. You will naturally get away from him as you are just a pretender.

After coming to Guru, again if you do, reading other spiritual books without his knowledge, reading other spiritual blogs etc, it again means that you doubt Guru and you do not have faith in Guru. Once you reach The Guru, then your search for all things need to stop. If they are not stopped then you are not loyal and you can never become a disciple.

Guru is God. A word from Him is a word from God. His mere presence or company is elevating, inspiring and healing. His very company inspires illumination. The Guru Gita says that the Sat-Guru is Shiva, the One who is ever auspicious and welfare-causing, the bridge to cross the ocean of worldliness and the source of all knowledge. He is no different from the Supreme Being. He is the One who eradicates the anguish of all dualities and helps the ‘shishya or disciple to overcome all misfortunes and calamities.

The Shishya

The journey to self-realisation is easily accessible in the company of the Guru. Various recommendations or injunctions have been provided by our scriptures on the role of the shishya in strengthening the Guru-Shishya relationship. Some of these are as follows:

  • Meditate ceaselessly on the form of the Guru.
  • Constantly serve the Guru with mind, speech and action.
  • Shed all sense of ‘my-ness’ and seek refuge in the Guru.
  • Bow down in the direction of the Guru’s feet with devotion everyday.
  • Serve the Guru obediently, attentively, sincerely and with utmost humility.
  • Have absolute faith in the Guru.
  • Have full confidence in the words and actions of the Guru.
  • Give up those actions, thoughts and words that the Guru disapproves.
  • Please the Guru by earnestly carrying out his instructions and practicing his teachings.
  • Cultivate discipline and avoid tendencies of hate, anger, lust, greed, egoism, envy, pride and attachment.
  • Remain steadfast in your trust towards the Guru and without doubt, the highest objective of life will be achieved.
  • Chant Guru mantra daily.

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