Wellness and Prosperity

When you fall in the path of “Kalki Kriya Yoga” you will naturally and automatically fall in harmony with all aspects of your body, mind and soul. Then, obviously THE TRUE PROSPERITY will begin in your life. It will begin and it will be managed involuntarily by the higher divine energy of Kalki Guru.

Prosperity is not just having all comforts in life and running like rat race in life.  Prosperity is not just having money alone. Even if you have money, you still have to spend lot of efforts with all your bad traits to earn money and to control it. That is not prosperity. Prosperity has to 360 degrees in life.  

Currently man has desires, he wants to prove to his family, society that he is something great, so he keeps running with all anxiety, fears, rush and so on. He is not running happily for what he wants to do. He runs out of fear of losing, fear of not getting any recognition, fear of failure, fear of so many things. The root is fear and also to show others, for which, he is running. That is why he runs for few years and later he starts getting all diseases, mental issues and so on. By the time he earns lot of money and comforts, he would gain good amount of disease. This is not prosperity. Prosperity is living a balanced life. You cannot decide WHAT IS BALANCE! Because, first of all you do not know what is balance! You do not have access to know your obligated karma, the purpose of soul and all such soul information. Then you cannot decide what is balanced life. Even if you plan and decide, it will be out of balance.

Prosperity has to come effortlessly with balanced traits of yours. Peace, good health, wealth, business, happiness in life would come effortlessly which is prosperity. 

The real prosperity when it is there, you would be content in all these aspects of life including the desires and passion aspects. When you have prosperity you would touch the purpose of life. You will find you are working effortlessly. You may work for hours together without any rest but yet, you feel you are not tired. When prosperity is there, you will be attracted by all. Many will be there around you. You will be the center of attraction. 

With the shakti given, you will start perceiving what is snake, what is rope, what is milk and what is water. It means you will have clarity in understanding the situations with the guidance from inside within. Else, you can even contact Shree Murali in person for any guidance.

Weather you are an individual or business, for getting prosperity effortlessly, there is a path that has to be followed that earns grace and love of Nature after which all start happening effortlessly! 

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